• For as long as I can remember I have struggled to find the way to reach my full potential. I would try and sift through ideas of what to do, but no matter what I tried I could never figure out how to put them to use. Then I went to one of Tony Robbin's workshops and heard Ajay Gupta give a passionate demonstration. Not even 30 seconds into the presentation had I already been able to realize just how life changing this workshop would be. Finally, for the first time in my life, the ideas that were muddled for so long were given new life and clarity. And it wasn't just the presentation that was impressive, it was the fact that Ajay truly meant what he said about wanting to help. Not only did he allow me to have a copy of one of Tony's CD's, but he offered to give advice outside of the meeting too. At first I didn't believe that someone as busy or important as a Senior Strategist for major companies would actually take the time to talk. My opinion was once again swayed as soon as he picked up the phone. He then proceeded to spend half an hour giving me advice and coaching me through my problems. I was reluctant at first to use their teachings, but I decided that I owed it to myself to at least try. I had no idea that doing so would emotional support animal transform everything in my life. Every day I listened to the CD to and from work, and every day I practiced what they preached. In under two weeks I was able to finalize my promotion and literally triple my sales and productivity. If you want to have the life that you have dreamed of for so long, then I promise you that they will show you how to make those dreams a reality. Please, if you are reading this then don't cut yourself short by missing out on the opportunity that will change your lifetime.

    Jason Pearce

  • Ajay, you are an awesome speaker. You presented yourself with great energy which fit very well into our company's energetic culture. Even the way you dressed spoke mountains of the type of professional that you are. You speak with passion and conviction about the information that you're sharing and my agents loved listening to you. Everyone was very engaged. Thank you for the great presentation!

    Robert Jerome - Vice President of Exit Realty Central

  • Words cannot describe the incredible and amazing time we had when we brought in Ajay Gupta to Coca-Cola. I asked him to leave people inspired and empowered and he absolutely knocked it out the park. He educated them, enlighten them and they cannot wait to have him back this year. If you have a corporate event and you want to bring someone who would bring lasting change, motivation, drive and gratitude to your employees call Ajay Gupta.

    Nicole Atkins - African American Business Resource Group President, Coca Cola